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Chirita in Provincie - A Classic Romanian Comedy

Chirita in Provincie (Chirita in the Province) is a comedy play written by the Romanian poet and playwright in 1852. It is part of a trilogy that also includes Chirita in Iasi (Chirita in Iasi) and Chirita in Balon (Chirita in the Balloon). The play depicts the humorous adventures of Chirita, a wealthy and eccentric landlady, and her family and servants in the rural setting of Bârzoieni, a fictional village in Moldavia.


The play has 13 scenes and two acts, and features a cast of colorful characters, such as Chirita's husband Grigoriu Barzoi, her spoiled son Gulita, her orphaned niece Luluta, her sister Safta, her French tutor D-nul Sarl, her young admirer Leonas, and a nobleman's son Ion. The plot revolves around Chirita's attempts to marry off Luluta to Ion, while fending off Leonas and Gulita's advances, and dealing with the complaints of the peasants and the intrigues of the jandarmi (gendarmes). The play is full of witty dialogue, comic situations, songs, and satire of the social and political realities of 19th century Romania.

Chirita in Provincie is considered one of the masterpieces of Romanian literature and theater, and a landmark of national identity and culture. It reflects Alecsandri's patriotic vision and his desire to create an original and authentic Romanian comedy, inspired by the folk traditions, language, and customs of his native region. The play also showcases Alecsandri's talent as a poet, as he wrote several lyrical songs for the characters to sing, such as Cucuruz cu frunza-n sus (Corn with Leaf Upwards), Cine-i fata cea frumoasa (Who is the Beautiful Girl), and Mai badita Petre, mai (Oh Brother Peter, Oh).

The play has been adapted for various media, such as radio, television, film, and opera. It has also been translated into several languages, such as French, German, English, Russian, and Hungarian. It remains one of the most popular and frequently performed plays in Romania and abroad.

If you want to read the full text of the play in Romanian, you can download it as a PDF file from this link: [Chirita in Provincie.pdf]. You can also find more information about the play and its author from these sources: [Wikisource], [PDF Document], [Documents and E-books].


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