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Ammamma Keladi Thozhi Novel Pdf Free

Ammamma keladi thozhi novel pdf free

Ammamma keladi thozhi is a Tamil novel written by Muthulakshmi Raghavan, a popular author of romance and family novels. The novel tells the story of four generations of women in a family, who face various challenges and struggles in their lives. The novel is divided into five parts, each focusing on a different woman and her relationship with her grandmother, who is the titular ammamma (grandmother) and keladi thozhi (friend).

The novel was first published as a serial in a Tamil magazine and later released as a book. The novel has received positive reviews from readers and critics for its engaging narration, realistic characters, and emotional depth. The novel also explores the themes of love, friendship, family, culture, tradition, and social issues.


If you are interested in reading this novel, you can download the pdf version for free from various online sources. Here are some of the links where you can find the pdf files of the novel:

  • [Ammamma keladi thozhi by Muthulakshmi Raghavan pdf free download]

  • [Muthulakshmi Ragavan - Ammamma keladi thozhi - part 5]

  • [Ammamma keladi thozhi - Part 4 and part 5]

Alternatively, you can also read the novel online on some websites that offer Tamil novels for free. Here are some of the websites where you can read the novel online:


[Novel Junction](

[Tamil Novels Online](

We hope you enjoy reading this novel and appreciate the work of the author. If you like this novel, you can also check out other novels by Muthulakshmi Raghavan, such as Nilavodu Vanmugil, Nila Kayum Neram, and Nenjodu Nee Ennai.


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