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Ruben Korolev

Flexisign Pro 7.6 V2 Hardware Key 39 [2021]

the size of the template that you want the field(s) to be created from is set in the size of template dialog, and the name of the new field(s) is set by double clicking the tab of the field that you want to link the template to. what might be confusing here is that sometimes the template name might appear twice in this dialog, as the field has been linked to it twice. once from the property sheet and once from the create or retrieve icon, in this dialog. if you want to link one field to another field, simply make the template from the field of your choice the first template in the list, and then all you need to do to link this field to this list is double click that tab.

flexisign pro 7.6 v2 hardware key 39

the easiest way to retrieve a field (or any feature) from a feature layer is to right click and select retrieve features which will prompt you to specify the feature type (feature class or feature layer) and retrieval options. the pop up box and keyboard shortcuts are very good for specifying the feature type. specifying the fields to be retrieved is usually the most difficult part of this process.

to retrieve a field from a feature class (feature layer), you need to know the field name of the featureclass and what field to retrieve. you can either specify the field name or select it from the list. note that if you have the featureclass open in arcmap, it is much easier to select the featureclass and then retrieve the field names.

about the bluestop pro configuration manager - purchased a new machine and i can not sign into the configuration manager - email to support with less than 24 hrs email gets a reply with notification no one is listening. so i did as it says and tried to sign in and the same thing happens. email sent 5 days ago still no reply and no one is responding to my messages. i dont mind waiting for my next payment and on the side i can figure it out. but i would have thought that an email was sent to be even mildly responsive. i am really frustrated with the lack of support.


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