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Solus 4 Fortitude Officially Released, It S Now Available For Download Fixed

In my review of Solus 3.9999 Budgie Edition, I presented a generally favorable impression of the distribution. At that time Plasma had just became available in the Solus repositories, and as one who appreciates this desktop environment, I installed it from the newly available packages in the repositories. When a Plasma Edition testing ISO was released, I installed it on my Acer, and later when I got the Dell G5, I attempted to install it on the new laptop. Unfortunately -- for reasons I discovered in installing Solus 4.1 Fortitude Plasma Edition this time -- it was not usable. Because of this and also because of the undesirable default behavior of Solus's chosen boot-loader, gummiboot -- a fork of systemd-boot, now replaced with systemd-boot itself -- which is not conducive to multi-booting when there is another distribution installed that uses one of the systemd-boot variants (in my case KaOS), I gave up on Solus.

Solus 4 Fortitude Officially Released, It s Now Available for Download



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