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Provoked 3 Movie Download In Hindi

Provoked 3 Movie: A Thrilling Sequel to the British Biographical Drama

Provoked 3 is an upcoming movie that continues the story of Kiranjit Ahluwalia, a Punjabi woman who killed her abusive husband in self-defense and fought for justice in the UK. The movie is directed by Jag Mundhra and stars Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, Naveen Andrews, Miranda Richardson, and Robbie Coltrane. The movie is based on the book Circles of Light by Rahila Gupta, which chronicles Kiranjit's life after her release from prison.

The movie follows Kiranjit as she tries to rebuild her life and reconnect with her children, who were taken away from her by social services. She also becomes an advocate for women's rights and campaigns against domestic violence. However, she faces new challenges and threats from her husband's family, who seek revenge for his death. She also has to deal with the trauma and stigma of being a convicted murderer and a victim of abuse.


The movie explores the themes of courage, resilience, forgiveness, and redemption. It also highlights the issues of gender-based violence, cultural oppression, and legal discrimination that affect many women around the world. The movie aims to inspire and empower women who have suffered or are suffering from abuse and injustice.

Provoked 3 is expected to release in 2024. It is the third installment of the Provoked series, which began with Provoked (2006) , a critically acclaimed film that won several awards and nominations. The second film, Provoke (2023) , was a Chinese remake that featured a different cast and setting, but followed a similar plot. Both films were based on the true story of Kiranjit Ahluwalia, who unintentionally killed her abusive husband in 1989 and was sentenced to life imprisonment. She was later freed by the Court of Appeal in 1992 after a landmark case that redefined provocation in cases of battered women in the UK.

If you are interested in watching Provoked 3 or learning more about Kiranjit Ahluwalia's story, you can visit the official website or follow the social media accounts of the movie. You can also read the book Circles of Light by Rahila Gupta or watch the documentary Provoked: The True Story by Jag Mundhra .


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