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Crack The Code Wheeler Dealersl

If you are found driving a vehicle with a cracked windshield, you will likely be given a ticket. If you are informed during an inspection that your windshield is not up to code, you have 48 hours to repair the windshield (if you are caught operating the vehicle after that period with the windshield still cracked, you can be arrested and given a court date).

Crack The Code Wheeler Dealersl

Understanding the type of person that is the typical powersports dealer and the type of people that manage motorcycle dealerships is the first step in breaking the code. They are usually not buttoned-up suit and tie kind of people like many agents. They are enthusiasts first and foremost. There is a good chance when you visit a store and things are slow that the crew will be out back racing 4-wheelers rather than waiting around for the lay down bus like you are apt to find at a car dealership.

Another recipe for failure would be to not recognize the fundamental differences of the powersports dealership and how it operates. Applying the proven automotive solutions that we are familiar with may not be the best approach. Here are a few examples of the differences and suggestions that may help the prospective powersports agent crack the code: 350c69d7ab


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