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Dark Eldar Color Scheme Generator

Dark Eldar Color Scheme Generator

The Dark Eldar are a faction of the Warhammer 40k universe, known for their cruelty, speed, and elegance. They are also one of the most customizable armies in terms of painting, as they have a wide range of color schemes to choose from. Whether you want to follow the official schemes of the Kabals, Cults, and Covens, or create your own unique style, there are many tools and resources to help you achieve your desired look. In this article, we will introduce some of the best Dark Eldar color scheme generators and how to use them.

Download: paint scheme templates

One of the simplest and most useful tools for Dark Eldar painters is the paint scheme templates by This website provides several line-art templates of various Dark Eldar units, such as Wraithguard, Dire Avengers, Warlocks, and more. You can download these templates and use them to test different color combinations on your computer or print them out and color them by hand. This way, you can experiment with different shades and contrasts before applying them to your models. The website also has some examples of painted models and tutorials on how to paint them.

Coolors - The super fast color palettes generator!

If you are looking for some inspiration or guidance on choosing a color palette for your Dark Eldar army, you might want to check out Coolors. This is a website that generates random or customized color palettes in seconds. You can start with a blank palette and adjust the colors manually, or use the generator to create a palette based on a keyword, an image, or a color. You can also browse thousands of beautiful color schemes created by other users and save your favorites. Coolors also has apps and plugins for iOS, Android, Figma, and Chrome, so you can access it from any device or platform.

Dark Eldar Paint Scheme Ideas : r/Warhammer40k - Reddit

Another great source of Dark Eldar color scheme ideas is the Warhammer40k subreddit. This is a community of Warhammer 40k fans who share their models, stories, questions, and opinions. You can find many posts of Dark Eldar models painted in various styles and themes, from classic black and red to neon green and purple. You can also ask for feedback or suggestions on your own paint scheme or get inspired by the comments and discussions of other users. The subreddit is also a good place to learn about the lore and background of the Dark Eldar faction and their subfactions.

These are some of the best Dark Eldar color scheme generators that we recommend for anyone who wants to paint their models in a creative and original way. We hope you find them useful and enjoy painting your Dark Eldar army!


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