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Bs En 13001 Pdf Free __EXCLUSIVE__

On January 1, 2017, the review process for disposal notices (NA 13001 or equivalent) was revised. FRCP was generating disposal notices after an extensive set of ARCIS data criteria augmented by review of transfers flagged for incomplete or possibly inaccurate information. In our new process, this review takes place after the agency returns the disposal notification indicating concurrence or non-concurrence. This revision allows the FRCP to focus the critical review on records for which agencies are willing to engage in disposal activity.

Bs En 13001 Pdf Free

FRCs will send the Notice of Eligibility for Disposal, NA Form 13001 ( or an equivalent (cover letter and eligible transfer listing), to you 90 days before the scheduled destruction of your agency's records. Please contact the Transfer and Disposition staff from the FRC that sent you the notice if you have any questions.

For years, FRCs have accepted agencies' inactive records for storage and servicing. Recently, a number of agencies have entrusted their active records to their local FRCs as well. This service helps agencies to free up both precious office space as well as agency staff. In storing and servicing your agency's active files, the FRC serves as an off-site "back office." Contact the records center in your region for more information about the availability of these services.

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