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Ruben Korolev
Ruben Korolev

Arturia €? Presets Floyd Tribute WIN (SYNTH PRESET)

To be sure, a great many of the presets have very well-chosen options in this regard. And where the knob purposes are clear, sound tweaking can be quite straightforward and rewarding. But if you would like to have a control to, say, adjust filter key-follow, unless the preset designer added that as a macro, which is unlikely in this case, you are out of luck. And this is the most significant drawback to AL3. You have a massive palette of sounds with much individual latitude for modification, but you are at the mercy of preset designers in each case as to whether or not the preset options meet your needs. Well, what do you expect for the price? AL3 qualifies as a great value regardless.

Arturia – Presets Floyd Tribute WIN (SYNTH PRESET)

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If you are into the study of sound design, having the full instrument provides an opportunity to see how these sounds are programmed. You may find that reverse engineering some of these presets could be a master class in sound design. 350c69d7ab


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