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interesting. I tried ATDP and with a cable like this that came with the ODB2 scanner my car would read and display the same data that the diag tool reads, the only trouble is that the ATDP just gives a message and tells you to calibrate. I found that sometimes with a slightly larger cable it would read a bit more data and the same AT commands as the diag tool, sometimes it would read more data and at other times it would just give a message that it was calibrating and when you closed the connection and re-opened it it would read a bit more data. To me this suggested that it really needed a compatible cable. I couldnt figure out why ATDP wouldnt read all the data that the diag tool was getting. I think someone on here has mentioned that there is a way to map certain codes to specific fault codes or something which would explain the differences. I will try sending out debug messages and looking at what the other tools are reading and why it doesnt seem to be what ATDP is reading. I will continue to read and search for info and if anyone else sees the above mentioned trouble code for the n2E see if you have experienced it and if so can you tell what its reading, or what software utility and have you had it successfully fixed?

Opcom Activation Code Win Hex Full 18

Last night I was being called by the SRS and I was able to look at a probe using the paperclip on a monitor connected to the computer. I started the kwp code 04 01 and left it running a while. When I shut it down it told me it hadnt read a memory code. Then when I restarted it it told me it hadnt read any memory codes. So I restarted and left it running the 03 02 and it said that it had read several codes in 05 and 09 and at that point I told it to clear everything. When I closed it down it told me it hadnt read any more codes. So I reset it and restarted and it stopped again telling me that it hadnt read a memory code. So I restarted and ran the 04 01. Thats when it told me that the system was calibrating. I stopped and it told me that the system calibrating and when I restarted it was reading more codes 04 06 07 08 etc, and now I can not only read all of the codes, but that all of them are what they should be. As I was setting up my emulator software (mE100) I found that when I used the emulator that was supposed to write a test code that there was a bigger delay than what I was used to. I didnt know what this was for until I watched the ATDP read the code from the car. I was watching on the emulator and from what I could tell, it wasnt reading the memory or the protocol codes, but the emulator was not writing them either. So when I sent those codes to the car from the emulator it wasnt writing the codes.


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