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Sims 4 Self Harm Mod [BEST]

Do you feel that the world your characters live in is too rosy and carefree? Then this mod will help bring a little gloomy realism to the game. Self-harm is the deliberate infliction of some kind of harm on oneself, a way to cope with stress or emotional pain. Self-harm can bring a moment of calm and relieve tension, but after that, your Sims may feel guilty or ashamed. You can purchase this Trait from the Reward Store for 100 Success Points.

Sims 4 Self Harm Mod


Note: This is to serve as an educational look at the darker side of Mental Health. As a Cutter myself (over 20 years) I know what it is like to be judged by the scars on my arm instead of who I am as a person. Self Harm is not a Trend and should never be treated as Such. Self-harm is an Addiction and should be taken very seriously.

I really want a depression mod that allows sims to self-harm and attempt suicide (in a number of ways) but not actually die. It's what I need for the story I've been building and I know about the depression trait and extreme violence but those just aren't what i'm looking for. It would be great if it also allowed for like therapy sessions if they are caught self harming... something like they leave the lot for an hour for their session and you could get pop ups like when sims are working or at school with different situations... and have breakthroughs... and maybe relapses. Could also work with basemental as a sort of rehab maybe? If something close to this already exists please let me know because currently i just have to use self harm scar cc and poses... but i want actual interactions and for other sims to be able to react to the scars and the actual acts... and call the ambulance if they walk in on an attempted suicide to save their life.

I think that would be a great idea- but it's a sensitive topic and these days may offend some people. However, I suffer with mental health issues myself yet I would have no problem with a mod of this kind. I find a lot of the existing CC Sims Traits are great, but not very well -developed.

All I can really do with my sims right now is adding some scar CC that looks like they were self-inflicted and leaving it as a subtle hint of my character's past. I think that that's fine sometimes in terms of storytelling, but I'd want to explore something darker still. You know, something like a runaway teen trying to escape an abusive family but not realizing that even if they physically run away, that does not mean they can leave all their mental health issues behind in the dust as well...

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After a good and long life Harry has finally died. Except that as always he's a trouble magnet and instead of dying he finds himself in yet another impossible situation. Really, he's eternally going to be "The-Boy-Who-Lived-To-Conquer-Death"

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