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Nokku Varmam: The Ancient Tamil Technique of Knocking Down Enemies with a Glance (Tamil PDF)

Nokku Varmam: The Secret Art of Siddha Varma Kalai (Tamil PDF)

Nokku Varmam is a rare and mysterious art of knocking down enemies with a glance, without touching or striking them. It is the highest level of knowledge in Siddha Varma Kalai, the ancient Tamil martial art that deals with vital points or varmam in the human body. Nokku Varmam is also known as Nokku Vidya, Nokku Marma or Nokku Thasa.


Nokku Varmam is not a magic or a superstition, but a science and a skill that requires years of practice and dedication. It is based on the understanding of the subtle energy system of the body, such as the nadis, chakras and prana. By using their mind and eyes, the practitioners of Nokku Varmam can manipulate the flow of prana in their own body and in the body of their opponents. They can activate or deactivate the varmam points of their enemies, causing various effects such as pain, paralysis, unconsciousness or even death.

Nokku Varmam is a secret art that is not taught to everyone. Only a few masters of Varma Kalai have attained this level of knowledge and skill, and they have passed it on to their selected disciples. Nokku Varmam is also a dangerous art that can harm both the user and the target if not done properly. Therefore, it is not meant for misuse or abuse, but for self-defense and healing purposes.

How to Learn Nokku Varmam from a Varmakkalai Aasaanin (Tamil PDF)

If you are interested in learning Nokku Varmam, you will need to find a genuine and qualified teacher or a Varmakkalai Aasaanin who can guide you through this art. However, this is not an easy task, as there are very few masters of Nokku Varmam left in the world, and they are very secretive and selective about their students. You will also need to have a strong foundation in Varma Kalai and other related disciplines, such as Siddha medicine, yoga, meditation and tantra.

One of the rare masters of Nokku Varmam who has revealed his knowledge and experience to the public is R. Rajendran, who has written a book called Nokkuvarma Payanam: Varmakkalai Aasaanin Nokkuvarma Payanam (Tamil Edition) . In this book, he narrates his journey of learning Nokku Varmam from his guru Jeyaraj Boominathan, who was also known as Kattuvaasi Aasaanin. He also explains the theory and practice of Nokku Varmam in detail, along with many anecdotes and examples.

If you want to learn Nokku Varmam from R. Rajendran, you can contact him through his website or his email . He offers online and offline courses on Nokku Varmam and other aspects of Varma Kalai. However, you will need to prove your sincerity and eligibility before he accepts you as his student. You will also need to follow his instructions and rules strictly and respect his authority.

The Benefits and Dangers of Nokku Varmam in Tamil Martial Arts (Tamil PDF)

Nokku Varmam is a powerful and versatile art that can be used for various purposes in Tamil martial arts. Some of the benefits and dangers of Nokku Varmam are:

  • Nokku Varmam can be used for self-defense against multiple or armed opponents, without using any weapons or physical contact.

  • Nokku Varmam can be used for healing various diseases and disorders by activating or deactivating the varmam points of the patient.

  • Nokku Varmam can be used for enhancing one's physical and mental abilities by manipulating one's own prana flow.

  • Nokku Varmam can be used for spiritual development by awakening one's kundalini energy and attaining higher states of consciousness.

  • Nokku Varmam can also be used for harming others by attacking their vital organs or systems with a glance.

  • Nokku Varmam can also be used for controlling others by influencing their mind or emotions with a glance.

  • Nokku Varmam can also be used for cursing others by sending negative energy or entities with a glance.

However, Nokku Varmam is not a game or a toy that can be played with casually. It is a serious and sacred art that requires responsibility and ethics. If Nokku Varmam is used for evil or selfish purposes, it can backfire on the user and cause severe consequences. If Nokku Varmam is used without proper training or guidance, it can damage the user's own body and mind. Therefore, Nokku Varmam should be learned and practiced only under the supervision of a qualified teacher and with good intentions.

How to Download Nokku Varmam Books in Tamil PDF Format

If you are looking for Nokku Varmam books in Tamil PDF format, you may have a hard time finding them online. Nokku Varmam books are rare and valuable, and they are not easily available for free download. However, there are some ways to get them legally and ethically.

One way is to buy them from the official websites or online stores of the authors or publishers. For example, you can buy the book Nokkuvarma Payanam: Varmakkalai Aasaanin Nokkuvarma Payanam (Tamil Edition) by R. Rajendran from . You can also buy other books on Varma Kalai and Siddha medicine from the website of Institute of Siddha Varma Kalai . These books are usually in Kindle or PDF format, and you can download them to your device after paying a reasonable price.

Another way is to borrow them from a library or a friend who has them. You can search for Nokku Varmam books in Tamil PDF format in your local or online libraries, and see if they have them in their collection. You can also ask your friends or relatives who are interested in Varma Kalai or Siddha medicine if they have any Nokku Varmam books that they can lend you. You can then scan or copy them to your device for personal use only.

A third way is to request them from the authors or publishers directly. You can contact the authors or publishers of Nokku Varmam books in Tamil PDF format through their websites, emails, social media accounts or phone numbers. You can explain your interest and purpose in learning Nokku Varmam, and politely ask them if they can send you a copy of their books in PDF format. You may have to pay a nominal fee or make a donation for their service. However, this method is not guaranteed to work, as some authors or publishers may not respond or agree to your request.

The History and Origin of Nokku Varmam in Tamil Culture (Tamil PDF)

Nokku Varmam is an ancient and unique art that has its roots in the Tamil culture and civilization. According to some legends, Nokku Varmam was first taught by Lord Shiva to his consort Parvati, who then passed it on to their son Murugan. Murugan then taught it to his disciple Agastya, who was one of the 18 Siddhars or enlightened sages of Tamil Nadu. Agastya then propagated it among his disciples and followers, who were also Siddhars or Varma Kalai masters.

According to some historical records, Nokku Varmam was also practiced by the ancient Tamil kings and warriors, such as Raja Raja Chola, Rajendra Chola, Veerapandiya Kattabomman and Maruthu Pandiyar. They used it as a secret weapon to defeat their enemies and protect their kingdoms. They also used it as a healing method to cure their wounds and diseases. They also imparted it to their loyal soldiers and generals, who were trained in Varma Kalai.

Nokku Varmam was also preserved and developed by various schools and traditions of Varma Kalai, such as Thirumoolar Varma Kalai, Bodhi Dharma Varma Kalai, Agasthiyar Varma Kalai, Kattuvaasi Varma Kalai and Thirukkural Varma Kalai. These schools had their own methods and techniques of teaching and practicing Nokku Varmam, which were passed on from generation to generation through oral and written transmission.

The Techniques and Methods of Nokku Varmam in Tamil Martial Arts (Tamil PDF)

Nokku Varmam is a complex and sophisticated art that involves various techniques and methods to achieve its effects. Some of the techniques and methods of Nokku Varmam are:

  • The use of eye contact and gaze to focus and transmit prana to the target.

  • The use of mind power and intention to control and manipulate prana in oneself and others.

  • The use of breath control and sound vibration to enhance and direct prana flow.

  • The use of body posture and movement to align and balance prana in the body.

  • The use of hand gestures and mudras to activate and regulate prana in the nadis and chakras.

  • The use of mantras and yantras to invoke and channel prana from higher sources.

  • The use of herbs and medicines to support and nourish prana in the body.

Nokku Varmam techniques and methods are not taught openly or publicly, but only to selected and deserving students who have proven their loyalty, sincerity, discipline and morality. The students have to undergo rigorous training and initiation under the guidance of their teacher or Varmakkalai Aasaanin. They have to learn the basic principles and practices of Varma Kalai, such as the anatomy and physiology of varmam points, the diagnosis and treatment of varma injuries, the prevention and protection of varmam points, the ethics and rules of Varma Kalai, etc. They also have to learn other related disciplines, such as Siddha medicine, yoga, meditation and tantra, to enhance their knowledge and skill in Nokku Varmam.

The Future and Challenges of Nokku Varmam in Tamil Martial Arts (Tamil PDF)

Nokku Varmam is a rare and precious art that is facing many challenges and threats in the modern world. Some of the future and challenges of Nokku Varmam are:

  • The lack of authentic and qualified teachers or Varmakkalai Aasaanins who can teach Nokku Varmam properly and responsibly.

  • The lack of genuine and interested students who can learn Nokku Varmam sincerely and ethically.

  • The lack of awareness and appreciation of Nokku Varmam among the general public and the authorities.

  • The lack of documentation and preservation of Nokku Varmam books, manuscripts, records and artifacts.

  • The misuse and abuse of Nokku Varmam by unscrupulous or ignorant people who use it for evil or selfish purposes.

  • The dilution and distortion of Nokku Varmam by commercial or sensational people who exploit it for fame or money.

Nokku Varmam is a valuable heritage that belongs to the Tamil culture and civilization. It is a part of the Siddha tradition that aims at achieving physical, mental, emotional, social and spiritual well-being. It is a science and an art that can benefit humanity in many ways. Therefore, it is our duty and responsibility to preserve, protect, promote and propagate Nokku Varmam for the present and future generations.

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