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Mark Zuckerberg And Steve Jobs’s Speeches Follow This 1 Basic Rule

This Stanford speech is one of the strongest ever given by Steve Jobs. Critics call it legendary and one of the most inspiring speeches of all time (Niebuhr, Brem, Novák-Tót, & Voße, 2016). It followed a clear structure, and Jobs opened his address by showing humility to the students, and an outline of the whole address followed after it. It was effective to do so because the speech was rather long, and the plan helped keep the structure in mind. He spoke mainly of his personal stories, and his experience supported his ideas. He often, however, lost eye contact with his audience because he continually looked to his sheet to read the address. The lack of eye contact, along with his unneeded remark about Microsoft allegedly copying Apple, were the only points that Jobs could have improved.

Mark Zuckerberg and Steve Jobs’s Speeches Follow This 1 Basic Rule

The basics of managing a career are fairly boring. The rules, the ways, the routines and so on. Well here are a handful of Successful Rule Breakers who proved to us all that sticking by your own beliefs and not following the rest of the pack can actually work out for the best, not to mention put a couple millys or billys in your pockets during the process. 350c69d7ab


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